Kyrill“s work in JO63SC

On the 18th of January 2007 storm "Kyrill" reached north-east Germany. It produced gusts about 120 km/h in JO63SC, where the remote controlled station is located.

It was powerful, nevertheless Kyrill was not an expert as a Ham, because it tried to point the antenna for an EME- QSO with Moon-elevation of -90 deg as you can see in pic.1.



The only problem during the storm was the slipping of the middle tube of the “H” in the rotator (KR550). So the antenna frame was a vertical “carousel” with two turns as you can see in pic2:


The construction was very solid so there was no further destruction. It would be a good idea to teach the next storms something about the possibilities of EME- contacts ;-) The station is active again since 20th of January 2007.