Storm prevention for the elevation- axis of the antenna group


After my experiences with the storm Kyrill I installed a mechanical locking of the elevation rotator. The rotator I use (KR 550) is a little bit too small for the antenna-group and in case of heavy storm is a danger either for slipping the middle tube of the H or for damaging the gear of the rotator. So an automatic locking unit arose which retains the tube independently of the rotator when the station is not in use.


The core of it is a powerful solenoid 533-7048 by RS which handles a 10mm diameter mandrel of stainless steel. In case of voltage on (during operation of the main 13,8V power supply) the solenoid pulls the mandrel off a shank in which is located a sword that is connected to the elevation-tube of the antenna frame. Now the elevation-tube is free for operation. If there is no voltage (station off) a spring of stainless steel pushes the mandrel into the shank and the elevation-tube is fixed.

The unit is fixed on the tight tube of the bearer of the elevation tube. For the installation are used two scaffold clutches, one for the elevation-tube and one for the bearer-tube. In case of elevation zero the sword is located in the shank, if not it turns with the elevation-tube.


In this picture you also see the rotator and the hand of operator while he adjusts the unit. The result is shown here:


Maybe this solution is interesting for all users of too small (but not too expensive) elevation- rotators.